TriCaster 2-6 Notes:



Update your TriCaster and take advantage of the newest capabilities in high-performance live production, including:


Rev 2-6-200110 (January 10, 2020)

Bug Fixes

                * Streaming to Vimeo has been fixed.

                * Streaming and Exporting to YouTube has been fixed.

                * Fixed issues with login pages for some plugins.

                * Fixed graphics compatibility on very old units.

                * Fixed DDR Isos set to "Timecode Only" breaking other Iso monitors.

                * Plugging a monitor to the wrong DVI port will now correctly warn on Mini.

                * Fixed application focus issue with windows file browser.

                * Fixed fader silence for very loud audio.



Rev 2-6-191002 (October 2, 2019)

·         Updated to address an issue with recent graphics drivers.


Rev 2-6-190506 (May 6, 2019)

·         Updated streaming to address several changes made by FaceBook.

·         Improved performance and reliability.

·         Corrected an issue which could cause erroneous error messages to be displayed in certain record configurations.


Rev 2-6-181221 (December 21, 2018)

·         Corrected an issue which could cause black bars on outputs of some machines after performing a core update.

·         Made several streaming changes to improve performance and reliability as well as work with updates from streaming providers.

·         Corrected an issue which could cause T-bar lights on some surfaces to get out of sync with the UI.


Rev 2-6-180122 (January 22, 2018)

·         Corrected an issue which could rarely affect video quality on SDI Outputs.

·         Tally now interacts correctly with the BLACK video source.

·         Corrected an issue with the Composite/Component selection on Output 3 of some systems.

·         Corrected an issue with PTZ Follow Preview functionality.

·         Updated social media publishing to work with new FaceBook and YouTube changes.

·         Implemented support for streaming to Vimeo.

·         Corrected an issue some specific models of PTZ camera were having with the Flip option.



Rev 2-6-170817 (August 17, 2017)

·         Corrected an intermittent issue with SD SDI output from secondary Outputs.

·         Corrupted clips containing alpha will now fail more gracefully.

·         Corrected issues which were happening with some PTZ cameras

·         Corrected an issue where some Progressive format inputs were not working correctly on a Mini HDMI running an Interlaced session.

·         Improved LiveMatte.

·         Corrected an issue which could arise when sending still images directly to some Outputs.



Rev 2-6-170623 (June 23, 2017)

·         Added support for TriCaster 860 & 8000 to utilize the TC1 L control surface.

·         Corrected some issues with PTZ.

·         Corrected a rare issue where performing a transition could take an abnormally long amount of time.

·         Corrected some HDMI output issue that could occur while changing resolutions.



Rev 2-6-170510 (May 10, 2017)

·         Corrected some issues with PTZ

·         Improved output performance with updated core 3CF6.

·         Corrected an issue with FTB on some control surfaces.



Rev 2-6-170404 (April 04, 2017)

·         Corrected an issue with h.264 record.

·         Made some improvements to NDI.



Rev 2-6-170217 (February 17, 2017)

·         Corrected an issue with recording to external storage devices.

·         Corrected some minor typos in the session.


Rev 2-6-170125 (January 25, 2017)

·         Corrected some reconnect problems that could occur.

·         Corrected a flash streaming issue with specific custom profiles not getting correct quality.

·         Corrected issues with garbled audio on analog outputs.

·         Made a few adjustments to the PTZ configuration area to fix issues with some camera models.



Rev 2-6-161116 (November 16, 2016)

·         Further improved NDI performance.

·         Corrected issues with streaming.

·         Corrected an issue where audio could become garbled on analog outputs.

·         Completely reworked PTZ implementation, new controls, presets and connection process.



Rev 2-5-160706 (July 06, 2016)

·         Improved NDI performance.

·         Corrected issues with publish media sign in not working for all sites.

·         Corrected an issue with output settings not all sending correctly.


Rev 2-5-160602 (June 02, 2016)

·         Corrected issues with progressive NDI sources.

·         Added support for Facebook steaming.


Rev 2-5-160315 (April 29, 2016)

·         Corrected issues with documentation in TriCaster>Help area of main page.


Rev 2-5-160315 (April 18, 2016)

·         Made improvements to NDI connections.

·         Fixed an issue with alpha NDI sources.

·         Corrected an issue with streaming to PlayOn! Sports.


Rev 2-5-160315 (March 15, 2016)

·         Improved network video quality.


Rev 2-5-160119 (January 19, 2016)

·         Corrected a few verification issues with Publish Media.

·         Updated YouTube and Twitter login methods.

·         Corrected an uncommon issue where Net inputs could stop responding.

·         Improvements to performance and reliability.


Rev 2-5-151113 (November 13, 2015)

·         Corrected issue with thumbnails not getting properly generated.

·         Improvements to performance and reliability.


Rev 2-4-151030 (October 30, 2015)

·         Fixed HDMI output issues with TriCaster 410.

·         Corrected an issue with configuring Publish Media accounts.

·         Performance and reliability improvements.

Rev 2-4-150923 (September 23, 2015)

·         Shift-clicking on specific areas of the UI no longer causes an unintentional Fade to Black.

·         Updated YouTube plugin.

·         Fixed an issue which caused LiveText to slow down under some conditions.

·         Performance and Reliability improvements.

Rev 2-4-150609 (June 9, 2015)

·         Corrected YouTube authentication issues which would prevent sign in.

Rev 2-4-150507 (May 7, 2015)

·         PTZ performance and stability has been improved.

·         Implemented support for Vaddio PTZ cameras.

·         Sony BRC-H900 PTZ cameras can now be controlled over Ethernet.

·         Fixed an issue where Right-Click could interact with some areas of the UI it was not supposed to.

·         The zoom level will no longer incorrectly “snap” to a new position when using a combination of zoom presets and a Control Surface T-bar to adjust zoom levels.

·         When selecting an item in a DDR which is partially offscreen the DDR will now automatically scroll so that the entire item including name is visible.

·         Adding media from the publish dialog should more reliably show media from sessions which were created on other drives.

·         If you play a clip which is queued for autoplay while it is not going to output it will no longer briefly show the last frame of the clip when brought on to output via autoplay.

·         The scrub bar in the DDR will no longer stop moving if you delete certain clips.

·         Fixed an issue which could cause clips automatically added to the DDR via TimeWarp/Replay to behave strangely.

·         Tally indicator for Frame Buffers now correctly indicates Preview status with a green indicator in all appropriate situations.

·         Prevented macros from being able to work with M/Es in an unintended way on some models.

·         The option ‘Disable Hotspots for Sources Not on Output’ is now functioning as expected.

·         Fixed a problem where Inputs could not be renamed from the M/E input rows in some situations.

·         Fixed an issue which could rarely cause a session to launch in a bad state and stay that way until it was


·         Restarting a session with one of the UI monitors set to Display a DDR Timecode will no longer cause problems.

·         Outputs 2 and 3 output the proper aspect ratio in SD 4:3 sessions.

·         Fixed an issue with HDMI out in SD sessions.

·         Detection of alpha channel was not being detected for some files when imported, this has been resolved.

·         Using a Control Surface to change the source selections of an M/E which is not visible in the UI no longer causes strange behavior.

·         Losing/Filling a drive while recording to multiple drives is now handled better.

·         Corrected several instances of Macro recording incorrectly recording automated UI actions.

·         Deleting unviewed presets via macro no longer causes an error.

·         Fixed an issue which could cause audio drops in files recorded in SD sessions under certain conditions.

·         Configuring an output to send 720p while Genlock is on no longer causes performance issues in some session types.

·         Corrected an issue which was causing some JVC Cameras on IP input to drop audio.

·         Fixed a problem which could rarely cause HDMI inputs on Mini to show black when connected to a valid source.

·         Exiting Add-Ons to return to the TriCaster menu no longer takes an excessive amount of time.

·         VSE no longer has trouble detecting TriCasters on the network with IP addresses above a certain range.

·         Airplay updated to work with iOS 8.

·         Fixed an issue when creating an FTP Social Media connection directly to a sub-folder of an FTP.

·         Updated YouTube publishing plugin to work with changes made by YouTube.

·         Directly recording a Net Input no longer stretches and distorts the image.

·         Controlling a PTZ camera via CS Joystick has been changed to match industry standards.

·         Tally over SDI is now working as intended.

·         Genlock will now properly lock when exiting/reopening a session without needing to manually disable/re-enable it.



Rev 2-4-150121 (January 30, 2015)

·         Controlling PTZ camera manual focus from a Control Surface could show strange behavior for some cameras, this should now behave as expected.

·         Fixed an issue that could occur when attaching 2 or more Novation LaunchPad Mini surfaces to TriCaster at the same time.

·         Using a Control Surface T-bar to transition 2 M/E keys in opposite directions at the same time no longer causes Keys to end in unexpected states.

·         Fixed an issue where some 2-3 sessions created on 410 and 460 machines could unexpectedly change Output options when loaded into TriCaster 2-4 leading to unexpected output on some outputs.

·         Switching between PTZ presets when one or both of the presets had a manual Focus/Iris setting should no longer cause unexpected behavior.

·         Using a Control Surface joystick to position/zoom a PTZ camera will no longer continue to move if you release the SHIFT modifier key before the joystick.

·         Moving clips while remotely controlling another TriCaster will no longer incorrectly duplicate clips on the machine being controlled.

·         When using a 40CS on an 8 Input system, SHIFT + M/E 1-4 can now be used to select M/Es 5-8 on the Program and Preview rows.

·         LiveMatte controls have been removed from M/E Config panels on products which do not support re-entrancy.

·         Changes have been made to TriCaster Network connections and they should now handle network disconnects better.

·         An issue where toggling Auto Focus for a PTZ camera from a Control Surface could sometimes cause strange camera behavior has been resolved.

·         Recording a macro while interacting with a Media Player with AutoPlay enabled should no longer record extra unnecessary commands to the macro.

·         Fixed an issue with serialization of the Frame-Sync option.

·         Restored legacy commands to allow changes to be made to ‘external’ router connections.

·         Fixed an intermittent issue which could cause PTZ cameras in a daisy chain configuration to not connect properly when re-opening a session.

·         It is no longer possible to attempt to move the Sony BRC-900 PTZ camera outside of the ‘legal’ bounds using the UI camera control.

·         Improved UI response time with M/E Follow functionality.

·         Improved quality of SD recordings.

·         Fixed an issue where macros were not looping properly in some situations.

·         Fixed an issue which could occur when using color groups to change the selected source on an M/E which was not active at the time.

·         Things such as NewsCaster which add multiple network clips at once to the DDR should no longer run into the problem where clips sometimes show up with no duration.

·         Resolved an issue which could cause unexpected clip selections when using Forward/Back on presets which were not being viewed at the time.

·         Performance and Reliability improvements.




Rev 2-4-141106 (November 6, 2014)

·         Delete confirmation dialog in Media Browser window no longer truncates after 2 files.

·         Zoom/position is now being set properly when loading a VSE project.

·         Clicking View Help in ASC and VSE now opens the correct file.

·         Fixed an issue where files with certain characters in the filename would not import and transcode correctly.

·         Exporting Animated Frame Buffers, and Animation Stores to remote machines in ASC now sends to the correct directory.

·         dB scale in the audio mixer no longer becomes misalingned when M/E tab is expanded.

·         Setting an input to 'Act as Alpha' via macro or remote control no longer gives an error.

·         It should no longer be possible for transcoding to fail without an error.

·         Using a Timewarp surface in conjuction with the 'Sync frames for NLE' option should no longer cause errors.

·         Added support to connect to JVC cameras which support video over network to the Net Input dropdown.

·         TriCaster will now play back 4 channels of audio in XDCAM 422 files.

·         Resolved an issue where video from Output 2 could be 'squished' in SD 4:3 sessions.

·         Corrected rare issue where particular clips could stop playing the DDR after prolonged use.

·         Fixed a rare case where the switcher buttons could lock up.

·         Corrected issue where opacity was not working properly in VSE.

·         Fixed an issue where SD session outputs would have soft edges.

·         Title Safe overlay now properly displays safe region.

·         Canon 5D file format clips can now be transcoded, and also now properly play in DDR without requiring transcoding.

·         Fixed a rare issue where playback of specific clip would sometimes occur at 200% speed.

·         Fixed an issue which could prevent files in the FileBrowser from correctly showing thumbnails.

·         Bad audio files in animated transitions are now handled better.

·         Added newer version of Prolific Serial-to-USB driver to the whitelist so warning does not show up at TriCaster launch.

·         Resolved an issue with publishing recorded clips using filecopy could crash the publish module.

·         Changes have been made to the behavior when AutoPlay triggers automatic actions while recording a Macro.

·         Several issues related to panning and zooming M/Es have been resolved.

·         PTZ has had a major rework and has had many issues resolved.