NewTek Connect1 I/O (NC1 I/O):

7-4-210429 (April 29, 2021)

Bug Fixes

·        Corrected an issue where the Record Name could not match the Channel Name

·        Added support for NDI 5


7-4-210220 (February 20, 2021)


·        Added support for NDI 4.6

·        Added support for Color correction when using NDI to SDI output.

·        Added support for 4K Key and Fill for Mark M units

·        Adapted Key and Fill configurations for Mark M units to improve handling of video and alpha.

User Interface

·        Adapted I/O Configuration window to reflect new Key and Fill channels for Mark M units.

·        Added general improvements to configuration windows and text fields

Bug Fixes

·        Corrected an issue where occasionally at startup an input channel would display “Connecting to (NDI source)” when an NDI source was/is connected.

·        Corrected an issue where software would omit spaces from filenames set by users for recordings. Corrected an issue where SDI outputs would not send display video automatically after session restart.

·        Corrected an issue where changing from Quadlink output to single SDI output (Ch 1 or 5) would cause output issues with channels 2-4 or 6-8.


7-3-200424 (April 24, 2020)


          * Added support for NDI 4.5


User Interface

          * Added ability to remove media file names from the Local source list



·       Added improvements to allow for better handling of NDI traffic.



·       Added support for NDI Recording.

·       Corrected an issue with Genlock.

·       Corrected a drive full warning.

·       Improved system performance and reduced CPU usage.



·       Added support for NDI 4.0 send and receive.

·       Corrected a rare SDI output stutter on the NC1IO mark-M units.

·       Corrected an issue where SDI auto detect did not always function properly.

·       Corrected an issue where some PTZ cameras would be listed as local hardware inputs.

·       Corrected an issue that could occur when setting manual resolution on the NC1IO mark-D

·       Made improvements to overall performance and stability.




·       Corrected an issue with quadlink output losing connection when setting an output to SDI out 3 or 4.

·       Made an improvement to CPU utilization increasing overall system performance.



·       Corrected a rare configuration panel issue that could occur on exit.

·       Improved NDI KVM performance.



·       Added NDI KVM support.

·       Added NC1IO –M system support.

·       Updated NDI send and receive as well as further improved multi-NIC performance.



·       Corrected an issue that could occur when using Multicast on a machine with multiple NICs.

·       Corrected an issue with registration.

·       Improved load balancing for systems running with multiple NICs.

·       Improved NDI performance.

·       Improved performance when sending 6 or more Outputs at the same time.

·       Corrected an issue with Quadlink SDI.

·       Enabling Genlock will no longer cause issues with SDI Output in specific situations.




·       Corrected an audio issue which could rarely occur when pulling NDI video from the DDR of another machine directly.

·       Corrected several issues with automatic detection of SDI video formats.

·       Improved NDI performance.




·       Corrected minor UI issue with web page.

·       Improved NDI performance.