NewTek Media DS (MDS1) notes:



* Updated NDI support.

* Update to address YouTube login changes

* Performance and reliability updates to streaming





* Streaming settings are backed up on each successful load.

* Includes Wowza Security Update 4.7.8.

* Vimeo streaming preset.

* Restream.IO streaming preset.

* Added 15 fps option to streaming.

* Added NDI 4 support.


Bug Fixes


* Fix for intermittent drops on very long streams.

* Changes for YouTube streaming to prevent outages.

* Updated Facebook presets to fix streaming and uploading to multiple pages and groups.

* Fix for missing PAL custom streaming presets.

* Fix for CBR encoding consistency.

* Fix for login

* If streaming token has expired, the User Interface will now always open a re-authentication popup.

* Fix for corrupted stream configuration causing "Codec error - Connection refused by RTMP server."



       Updated to address issues with a recent Windows Update.

       Updated to address changes made to the login process by several streaming providers.

       Made several improvements to NDI.



       Updated to work properly with newly released Intel Video Driver.

       Corrected an issue with FaceBook login.



       Updated the Wowza streaming engine.



       Made some adjustments to the registration process.



       Corrected an issue that could occur when changing source framerate while streaming.

       Corrected a login issue with some streaming panels.

       Corrected an issue where inputs could be lost if resolution was rapidly changed.



       Corrected some minor UI/Workspace issues.

       Improved resource management.