TalkShow VS4000 & VS100 notes:

200521 (May 21, 2020)


          * Added support for NDI 4.5


Bug Fixes

          * Fixed issue with Genlock affecting SDI output on restart

          * Fixed issue with Talk Back not sending audio while in the Scopes display mode


       Performance and stability improvements.



       Corrected issue with genlock.

       Updated and improved NDI.

       Made performance improvements that reduced overall CPU usage.



       Improved audio return quality.

       Added noise gate to call return.

       Updated and improved NDI.

       Improved performance in high resolution call sessions.



       Corrected issue with the LCD display on VS100 not showing PAL video properly.

       Updated Skype TX channel to 2.17.513.811.

       Made improvements to NDI performance.



       Corrected a serialization problem that would occur when using non-matching audio and video selections.



       Corrected issue where you could not set custom record destinations.

       Corrected PAL output issues in VS4000.

       Corrected some issues with analog audio output settings.



       Reworked VS100 UI to match the look and feel of TalkShow VS4000.

       Added new SkypeTX software into VS100.

       Added additional audio support as well as revamped Dante control/support.



       Made improvements to NDI efficiency.

       Corrected an issue with talkback.

       Improved Dante support and configuration in TalkShow.



       Corrected an issue where externally initiated Skype calls would fail to connect.



       Updated Skype TX version.



       Corrected an issue with SD outputs not always properly sending video.

       Corrected an issue where inputs in the UI could flicker, did not affect output.




       Corrected an issue with audio routing that could duplicate audio inputs.

       Corrected an issue that could come up with toggling between Line and SDI Embedded audio on Input1.